It is the inherent practice of the company to conduct daily morning meetings for every section before the start of the daily task. This is being done after the warm-up exercise and environmental cleaning activities. A morning meeting is an opportunity to follow-up on the previous day’s tasks, assign new tasks, and share any news or information relevant to each section, each department, or the company as a whole.  Despite the actual content of the meeting or any topics being brought by the member, it serves as a device for the entire group or team to be ready for a productive and fruitful working day. Morning meeting is considered as the perfect time to discuss minor issues that experienced the previous day or confer some matter that the group or section is facing. Morning meetings develop a sense of belonging within the organization. This is the opportunity to share ideas, expertise, knowledge, guidance, and direction for the attainment of the day objective that will benefit the entire organization as a whole. Morning meeting enhances employees to be responsible, to be knowledgeable, to be creative, to think positive aiming for level up, and to be a productive employee of the company or organization.