1. Silicon Mold Preparation and Cleaning - cleaning using air blowing and flange cleaning and waxing.
2. Gel-Coat Application - pre-mixing for all products mixing is good for 2-3 days.
3. Putty Application - pre-mixing for all products, mixing is good for 2-3 days.
4. Chopped Stranded Application - apply chopped stranded mat carefully after application of putty.
5. Resin Application - apply resin throughly in all surface using Faz Roller.
6. Laminate Process - Laminate throughly in all surface using Plastic Roller and Degassing Roller
7. Curing Time - Natural curing inside the Mold
8. De-molding Process - Bolts un-tightening/Releasing and Pull out product on the Silicon Mold
9. Oven Drying Process - Maintain inside for the temperation 60 degree celsus.


1. Trimming Process - Trimming all excess burrs
2. Sand Blasting Process - Sand Blasting of Flange and Texture Area
3. Belt Sanding Process - Belt Sand all edges of the product
4. Putty Application & Sanding Surface Repair - Putty all air bubbles, cracked and Top/Bottom repair.
5. Assembly of Accessory Parts - Initial assembly (holing and drilling)
6. Initial Product Quality Checking - Check length, Gap, Angle and Texture Surface
7. Repair (re-inspection) - Repair or retouching the defect found by QC(ri)
8. QC Final Inspection - Final checking of Check length, Gap, Angle and Texture Surface


1. Water Wash/Thinner Wash - Wash the product thru pressurized water machine or brushing of thinner
2. Oven Process - Put the products inside Oven Room for 12hours with temperature of 60degree celsus.
3. Base Color Process - Apply Base Color in and out of the products.
4. Top Color Process - Top Coloring of the products base on the required color sample
5. Initial Color Tone Quality Checking - Check the top color (color tone) of the products base on the required color sample
6. Repair (re-inspection) - Repair defected colortone found by QC(ri)
7. Top Coat Process - Top Coat the products using required top coat paint (G20/gurobaron or cleartron)
8. QC Final Color Tone Inspection - Final Inspection. Again, Checked if there's necessary defects.


1. The company established set of procedure intended to ensure that a manufactured products adhere to a defined set of quality criteria in order to meet more than 100% Customer’s requirement and satisfaction.
2. Products are thoroughly inspected and checked (2 or more times) for its type, surface, dimension, intended color, texture, parts completion, among others to see to it that the company is commitment for free of defects is to be realized.
3. The company believes that the quality of its product builds company image and goodwill. Quality control helps the employees to strengthen and fixing their responsibility, increase efficiency and further minimizing cost in order to become more competitive in the market but quality remains as an advantage.
4. Product Quality is Company’s “Finest Investment”


1. Carton Box Preparation - Assemble the carton box , carton spacer and labelling
2. Accessories and Manual Preparations - Prepare required accessories and required manual of the products.
3. QC Inspection - QC will inspect the carton, carton labels, accessories, manual and products itself.
4. Wrapping - Wrap the products using stretch film
5. Boxing - Insert the product on the prepared carton box
6. Palletizing - Put or store the product in the pallet.

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