Canna Mini – Shabby White (DSCM103)

Material: FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)
Internal Size:
Height – 740mm
Width – 1000mm
Dimension – 390mm
Weight: 24.5kg

Canna Mini is a very cute shed that can be placed at the garden. It is a unique and stylish accessory for your garden and great garden décor. This shed can store your garden tools, cleaning tools, and hoses. It is water proof and rust proof.

1. Good storage for safekeeping of garden and janitorial tools.
2. Easily access for the adult and keeps your tools intact and in order.
3. Keep and maintain tools properly
4. Provide safety and security for the young age as some of tools are pointed and with sharp edges.
5. With superior design and quality
6. Not easily corroded
7. Elegant
8. Added attraction to your home