Stucco – Yellow (DSA0205)

Material: FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)

Size: Height – 343mm

Width: 360mm

Dimension: 222mm

Weight : 2.4kg


1. Provencal Style of Spanish roof
2. Unique and stylish accessory for the house entrance and is great in garden décor
3. Can load your bills, mails, and magazines
4. Water proof and rust proof
5. Engineered with reliable protective design during rainy season
6. Can be installed in Poles, Gates, and Walls
7. Installation Manual (IM) and Maintenance Manual (MM) are provided
8. No troublesome care
9. Tested 30,000 times of opening and closing the lid


1. You can receive mail, small packages and other documents even if you are away from home
2. It provides level of security as you can receives mails at a certain extent even without physical contact with the mailers or sender.

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