KGE employees are now already excited for this special time of the year. Our year-end party are now not really only about celebrating religion, rather they are about improving staff morale, loyalty and thanking employees for all their hard work and efforts over the previous year. Next year, in the year 2023, we will continue to move forward towards prosperity and success.

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KGE 员工现在已经为一年中的这个特殊时刻感到兴奋。我们的年终派对现在不仅仅是为了庆祝宗教,而是为了提高员工的士气、忠诚度,并感谢员工在过去一年的辛勤工作和努力。明年,2023年,我们将继续朝着繁荣和成功迈进。 要查看我们敬爱的工人生产的优质和打折产品,请访问我们的网站 https://kyotoglobalexterior.com/ 并在我们的 Lazada 购物:https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/kyoto-global-exterior -公司/

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